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Jul 2017

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Your PostgreSQL implementation just got smarter with ProcessPlan's built in PostgreSQL datasource connector.

Need Data in ProcessPlan from PostgreSQL?  No Problem!

ProcessPlan can utilize your existing PostgreSQL server natively.  Whether you need to use SQL data in drop down lists and forms in ProcessPlan or maybe launch a process based on a field value change, we have you covered!

With a PostgreSQL Datasource you can:

  • Write a query to pull customer information into ProcessPlan.
  • Launch a complex (or simple) process when a field value changes.
  • Update information in your PostgreSQL database based on ProcessPlan responses.
  • and more!

To Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for a ProcessPlan.
  2. Start using ProcessPlan and explore our datasources capabilites.
  3. Enjoy all the extra time you have instead of spending all your vacation time writing complex API code!


Click here for more instruction on our PostgreSQL integration.