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Feb 2017

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With ProcessPlan's ConnectWise integration, MSPs are equipped with the power of standardized process and procedure. Open tickets, close tickets, create agreements ... ProcessPlan takes advantage of all of Connectwise's API power.

Never Let your IT Processes Fall Between the Cracks Again

Seamlessly integration your IT processes with ProcessPlan and never make another mistake!  Build value in your company by standardizing procedures both internal and with your client base untilizing the ProcessPlan and Connectwise integration.

From starting new processes when a customer is created to updating time on a ticket automatically from a customer's process response, just about anything is possible to stream line your service delivery.

With the Connectwise integration you can:

  • Add and/or update agreements to clients from processes.
  • Change ticket statuses.
  • Update time on tickets automatically.
  • Manage project workflows.
  • Update configurations
  • and more!

With Connectwise and ProcessPlan you don't have to worry about custom code or APIs ever again!

To Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for a ProcessPlan and a be a Connectwise customer.
  2. Start using ProcessPlan and give us a call to implement Connectwise integration.


Give us a call at 855-336-2399 to implement your Connectwise datasource!