ProcessPlan Tips & Tricks: Editing Process Instance Diagrams

    process instance diagrams

    15 Oct ProcessPlan Tips & Tricks: Editing Process Instance Diagrams

    Posted at 17:59h in ProcessPlan Features by Ryan Williams

    Expand your ProcessPlan know-how and learn more about our favorite features. This week, editing process instance diagrams. Specifically, how to edit a single instance of a process that is currently in progress.

    Editing Process Instance Diagrams

    Make changes to a process instance on the fly. In the real world, every process might not run as designed — even the most standard template  could need some flexibility now and again. Did a user inadvertently skip a section of the process by choosing the wrong response? Is there a situation that was not accounted for when the process was designed? (Something else?)

    Simply navigate to the process instance diagram and update the process instance as needed. This way, you can edit and change that specific instance of the process without altering the underlying process template.

    This week's example runs through several scenarios that might be applicable to your business.

    Watch the short video below to see it in action.



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