Collecting Customer Feedback

    6-17-2019 5-24-56 PM

    17 Jun Collecting Customer Feedback

    Posted at 17:29h in Customer Retention by Marquise Lane

    In this post, we are going to build a process that will allow your customers to submit feedback to your organization and allow you to take steps in handling that feedback.

    Step 1: Setting up the Process fields

    We need to decide what information to capture with this process. Think of Process fields as the vehicle to hold that information. For this process, we want to capture the Customer Name, Customer Email Address, and Feedback. For the Customer Name field, we only need to hold a small amount of text so we can use a 1 Row text field. The Customer Email Address will be held in an Email Address field so that the email address can be validated and it gives us the option to send Automated emails to that email address. In order to give the customer plenty of room, a 5 row text field will hold the Customer Feedback.

    Step 2: Building the Process

    The first task in the process will be “View customer feedback”. This is so that the ProcessPlan user can view the feedback left by the customer. The response to this task is “Complete”. The next task in the process is “What needs to be done?”, the responses to this task are “Reach out to the Customer”, “Implement Suggestion” , or “End Process”.  Notice that this task is presented as a question with answers; this is because the answer to this question will determine the path we take in the process. The question and answer format is great for mapping out decisions in ProcessPlan. Following the “Reach out to the customer” response, there is a task to Reach out to the customer. “Make sure the suggestion is implemented” follows the “Implement suggestion” response. Finally, choosing  the “End process” response would end the process.

     6-17-2019 5-24-56 PM

    Step 3: Setting up the public form

    The public form will allow customers to submit their feedback and launch the Customer feedback process without needing to login to ProcessPlan. To set up the Public Form, click Template Settings > Public forms > Add. You have the ability to customize the form by adding a Public form name, instructions, and your company logo. In the section titled “Display these fields on the public form”, click the toggle button next to each of the Process Fields. In the “Require these fields to be completed” section, click the toggle next to all three fields. This ensures that customers do not submit incomplete information. Once you’re satisfied with the form, copy the link in the Public form URL field and add it to your company website.

    Hopefully this article helps you see ways ProcessPlan can be applicable in your business. You can access this Customer Feedback Process and others like it in our Process Library (available with our free trial). If you would like to learn more about ProcessPlan and the ways it can help your business, you can schedule a demo.


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