5 Ways Standardized Business Processes Boost Customer Retention

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    15 May 5 Ways Standardized Business Processes Boost Customer Retention

    Posted at 10:09h in Business Process Management by Stuart Avera

    Managing business processes can feel overwhelmingly impossible today. From delegating tasks between team members to providing timely customer support, how do you stay on top of it all? The answer impacts your bottom line.

    The efficiency and coordination behind your business process directly translates to the customer experience, and whether or not customers are likely to return back to your business. Regardless of your company's operations approach, standard business processes housed in one application increase customer satisfaction.

    Here's why:

    1) Everything's in one place.

    With a process management software, everything that was once strewn about e-mail inboxes and computer programs is now consolidated in one, central place. A single piece of software means that with just a few clicks from any device, you can mull over everything you want to know in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Stakeholders can see all that's involved in completing a project and take the opportunity to identify and correct inefficiencies. From this centralization, employees have greater insight into current and future projects, minimizing miscommunication and confusion moving forward. Happy employees typically mean happy customers.

    2) It's simple.

    High quality business management systems simplify the task distribution and completion processes, moving between projects with ease. When the tool's easy to use, projects are completed more quickly and with greater accuracy, contributing to increased customer satisfaction in the form of expedited turnaround times.

    3) You save money.

    Different parts of your business may have different goals, but ultimately everyone is looking to serve the same customer base with as few resources as possible.

    There is no need for individual departments to pay for different process management software programs, when they can all use one, consolidated business management system. Stop worrying about which budget is going to cover the cost of software that benefits the entire company. A comprehensive system with one price tag is more affordable and provides more robust features than fragmented programs only used by a few users in different divisions.

    When you save money on internal resources, you're able to pass the savings on to your customer.

    4) Employees communicate and work more efficiently.

    One of the more common reasons projects slip through the cracks or are completed with false information is miscommunication in the office.

    Think about it for a minute — remember the Telephone Game from elementary school? When a project is assigned by a project manager, sent through an e-mail to a department, and then distributed from there to team members, a lot can be lost in translation. Process management software allows everyone to see the necessary information as it's intended, the second it’s available, mitigating miscommunications and improving efficiency.

    5) You save time.

    How much time does your company waste correcting errors? Get it all right the first go-round. Saving time through streamlined business processes frees your team up to complete more projects, pay greater attention to clients, and even increase customer satisfaction.

    Standardizing your business processes within process management software not only improves your workplace, but also increases customer retention over time.

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