What is a Process Field?


    13 Oct What is a Process Field?

    Posted at 15:28h in ProcessPlan Features by Marquise Lane

    A Process Field is a vessel that carries information throughout your process. Currently, ProcessPlan has 18 different field types and four optional field settings.  Field types cover a broad range, so there is bound to be a field type to hold whatever type of data you may require. (If not, let us know!) The optional field settings also give you extra power and flexibility. For example, if you require a client to enter contact information at the beginning of a process, ProcessPlan will not allow the process to be started without that information and that data will be carried throughout the process.

    There is no limit to the number of process fields you can have in your process; I recently built a process that had over 100 fields! Make sure you give your fields clear names so you can keep track of your information. If you are concerned about having too many fields and overwhelming your users, don’t worry! ProcessPlan allows you to choose what fields you want to display on any given task including initial process launch, so you have complete control over what the end user sees. When the process is finished, you will be able to see access all information carried throughout the process in the Process Summary or the Process Receipt.

    Feel free to take advantage of the flexibility process fields provide and get creative. Process fields are your new best friends!

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