ProcessPlan Tutorial - Working with Template Groups

    07 Jun ProcessPlan Tutorial - Working with Template Groups

    Posted at 06:00h in Tutorials by Ryan Williams




    In this tutorial, you will learn the easiest way to group templates in ProcessPlan. Today we will work with this lonely template. Let's make it feel included by putting it in a group. First we will open the template by selecting the more icon on its card. Then we will click edit. Once the template is open, click the settings gear icon towards the top of the screen, then click advanced settings in the right panel. Inside advanced settings, select your template group. If you already have a group, select it here. Today we will create a brand new group, so we will click create new. Let's name it Brand New Group and press save. To manage your template groups, go to administration on the left sidebar and select template groups. You can change your group name when you click the group in the right panel. Let's change our brand new group's name. Hit the check mark and we are done. To delete a group, click the three dot icon on the right and select delete.


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