New Features Roundup- Q1 2016

    12 Jan New Features Roundup- Q1 2016

    Posted at 15:55h in ProcessPlan Features by Stuart Avera

    As we head full steam into 2016, we are working hard to expand ProcessPlan’s features and innovations.

    1. Automated Actions - Without a doubt one of the most exciting features in ProcessPlan is Automated Actions.  Automated Actions give template designers the ability to perform various automations while a Plan is being executed.



    For example, a task or process initiation can trigger an email, SMS or even a phone call to people within your ProcessPlan account or outside your organization!

    1. Public Forms - Another useful feature added recently is Public Forms.  Any ProcessPlan template can have multiple Public Forms links that can be published to the Internet, your Intranet, email etc. to allow for users to start a process.  Process fields can be hidden from the public eye but allow for launching of a process.


    Public Forms allows customers, vendors, staff or anyone outside your organization the ability to start a process without requiring an account or logging into ProcessPlan!

    1. ConnectWise Integration - If you are an IT provider and also a ConnectWise user, you are in luck!  ProcessPlan now has full integration with ConnectWise PSA. ProcessPlan tasks can create tickets, update activities, create time entries and more!
    1. External Data Sources - ProcessPlan can now be linked to Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.  Users can automatically launch new processes based on field values or changes of values.  External Data Sources also allow for users to look up process header field values based on fields in database such as accounting systems and ERP systems.


    1. New Pricing Plans - We now have unlimited user pricing plans available!  With our new pricing plans, organizations have unlimited users (both within and outside their organization) and access to all features with a flat monthly price.  Prices are based on concurrent process instances running at one time.  



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