How Process Management Systems Reduce Employee Training Costs

    23 Jul How Process Management Systems Reduce Employee Training Costs

    Posted at 15:52h in Business Process Management by Ryan Williams

    Last week, I presented a webinar on how to use process management to make your business run like a well-oiled machine (click here to watch the webinar on-demand). One thing we discussed was how process management systems reduce employee training costs.

    Here are a few reasons why:

    1. Every employee will have a single place to go to learn about your organization's processes.

    With a process management system like ProcessPlan, all of your processes will be stored in a single location. If you just hired a new HR rep, she can view all of the processes she will be involved in, like the employee termination process, the FMLA leave request process, employee complaint processes, etc. Each process will contain detailed instructions for every task she is expected to complete. You could even create an employee handbook process (think of it as an interactive handbook) that guides your new employee through company policies.

    2. Employees will receive all the documentation and resources they need to complete their work.

    Let's say your new HR rep is in charge of managing the employee on-boarding process. With ProcessPlan, every task in this process will be outlined, and all pertinent resources will be automatically available to her.

    Here is a view of some of the tasks involved with this process:

    ProcessPlan Process Management System Template

    Now let's say she has reached the task where she needs the new employee to fill out benefits enrollment forms. Without ProcessPlan, she would have to ask a coworker or manager where to find the forms. With ProcessPlan, she has those forms available to her within the system. She can download them immediately. If the forms are ever updated in the process template, they will be updated in every active instance of the process as well.

    ProcessPlan Process Management System

    3. Management spends less time conducting one-on-one training.

    With ProcessPlan acting as your virtual trainer, the manager is free to do her job. She can use the time she would normally spend on technical training to review the company's values and culture with the new hire. Transitions are much easier too. When an employee leaves, you can reassign that person's tasks to your new hire in a single step.

    4. New employees will feel empowered.

    Being the "new guy" can be tough. A new employee may feel frustrated when he doesn't know how to do something, and also feels like a nuisance asking so many questions of coworkers and managers . With tasks lined up in ProcessPlan, your new employees will know exactly what to do and when to do it. They will instantly be an important part of the team.

    Process Made Simple


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