Enhancing Your Tasks

    17 Oct Enhancing Your Tasks

    Posted at 14:47h by Marquise Lane

    ProcessPlan works like a decision tree that guides people through the tasks in a process. This
    works fine right out of the box, but ProcessPlan has several features that enhance tasks and
    make task completion easier. Let’s look at some of the ways you can enhance your tasks. All of these enhancers can be found by right clicking on a task and selecting settings or clicking the task you want to edit and then clicking the gear icon in the top corner of the screen.


    Found under Task Settings > Settings, task instructions are a simple and effective way to enhance a task. Having instructions makes everything easier; this is definitely the case when it comes to tasks in ProcessPlan. Task instructions help eliminate confusion and help the process move along efficiently.




    Task Resources are items that a participant may need when completing a task, these resources can be files or URLs. Adding an important file as a resource to a task can save a participant the time and headache of searching for the file. Adding a particular URL to a task is a great way to ensure participants are traveling to the correct sites when completing their task.




    Adding a checklist is a great way to enhance a task that may take multiple steps to complete. With a checklist added to a task, participants have all the steps they need to complete the task right at their fingertips. You can also require a checklist be completed before the task can be completed, so checklists can also add an extra level of accountability.


    Hopefully this provides you with some inspiration and you use these tips to enhance your tasks. Doing things like adding task instructions, checklists, and resources can make it easier for process participants to complete their tasks. With tasks being easier to complete, you can worry less about the tasks and more about your business!



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