Check Out the Best New Features in ProcessPlan

    09 Jul Check Out the Best New Features in ProcessPlan

    Posted at 10:36h in ProcessPlan Features by Anne Shenton

    Every week, we release a new version of ProcessPlan with upgraded features (largely based on requests from YOU). Here are some of our best new features from the last month:

    1. Universal Search

    Search all processes, tasks, and documents stored anywhere in the system from a single search page. Available on the dashboard and reports menus.

    process search

    2. Save Process Diagrams as Images

    Save your process diagrams as image files for easier portability and backup. The "Save as Image" option is available on the process template page menu and on the process diagram right-click menu.

    Process Diagram


    3. Brand ProcessPlan with Your Logo

    Now you can brand your ProcessPlan account with a company logo. You can upload your logo on the Company Account page. This change also affects email notifications.

    ProcessPlan Whitelabel

    4. Task Checklists

    Add checklists to individual tasks. All items on the list will need to be checked off before moving on to the next task. Create a checklist by right-clicking on any task within a process diagram.

    Process Checklist

    Process Checklist Items


    ProcessPlan customers can access the full changelog here.

    Process Made Simple


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