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    Making the Switch from BPMN to ProcessPlan

    Moving from BPMN to ProcessPlan can be intimidating. There are no gateways, pools, swimlanes, or events! The transition could seem like you’re having to learn a new language. Luckily, ProcessPlan and BPMN have many commonalities that can help ease......

    05 January, 2018

    Enhancing Your Tasks

    ProcessPlan works like a decision tree that guides people through the tasks in a process. This works fine right out of the box, but ProcessPlan has several features that enhance tasks and make task completion easier. Let’s look at some of the ways......

    17 October, 2017

    Using the Template Library


    16 June, 2017

    ProcessPlan Tutorial - How to Draw a Path to an Existing Task or Response


    02 June, 2017

    Mindfulness Could Be Your Greatest Blessing


    15 November, 2016

    Picasso and Processes

    Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” While you shouldn’t do anything illegal, I do think you should take Picasso’s advice when designing processes. Think of yourself as a process artist who designs processes that are......

    17 October, 2016

    What is a Process Field?

    A Process Field is a vessel that carries information throughout your process. Currently, ProcessPlan has 18 different field types and four optional field settings.  Field types cover a broad range, so there is bound to be a field type to hold......

    13 October, 2016

    Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

    A wise individual once said, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. I know it’s cliche, but this quote is true in life and in ProcessPlan. ProcessPlan makes it easy to map out your process by just clicking and dragging, but what you are clicking and......

    12 October, 2016