9 Signs You Should Invest in MSP Automation

    18 Nov 9 Signs You Should Invest in MSP Automation

    Posted at 14:41h by Stuart Avera


    In our highly competitive environment, MSPs must constantly evaluate their services and processes to identify any and everything that can be automated without sacrificing quality, personalized customer service. Here are 9 signs you need MSP automation.

    1. Your MSP is growing.

    Every business wants to grow, but the dark side of growth is pain. Without automating key MSP processes and tasks, you risk taking on more clients than you can handle and sacrificing the quality of client service.

    2. You are making mistakes during network audits and other projects.

    Every audit has the same series of tasks and activities that need to be performed. If a single one of these tasks is overlooked, you could look unprepared or worse yet, incompetent. No business owner wants to hand over the keys to their IT to a provider that makes mistakes during their first impression.

    3. You do not have a formal sales process.

    Without a formal sales process in place, you have no way to know what is working and what is not working when it comes to closing new managed services contracts. Also, if you want to delegate the sales role to a new rep, training will be almost impossible without a proven, effective process. 

    4. You do not have a formal client on-boarding process.

    When you fly by the seat of your pants, things fall through the cracks. Documented and automated on-boarding processes ensure consistent (and delightful) client experiences. 

    5. You are not conducting regular QBRs (quarterly business reviews) with your clients.

    QBRs are a perfect opportunity for you to show your clients that IT is not just a necessary expense but rather a business opportunity. Automating certain tasks in your QBRs (collecting documentation, setting up recurring scheduling) will free up your time to analyze the business problems your clients are facing and offer solutions based on past performance and identified pain points. 

    6. Clients are leaving before you have a chance to right what is wrong.

    If you are losing clients before you have the chance to right your mistakes, your reputation could be at stake. No client ever wants to feel ignored, especially when they feel frustrated about a poor service experience. An automated client complaint resolution process will ensure that you follow up with the client and address their issues as quickly as possible.

    7. Technicians are spending hours a day manually entering time entries and documenation.

    According to an article on MSP Alliance, "Any time you have to manually interact with a trouble tricket, you should look at that as an opportunity to automate. You won't be able to do it every time, but manually handling tickets and customer service issues (other than project work) means less efficiency and less scalability. In other words, you make less money." 

    8. You are not using RMM or PSA tools

    This should go without saying. RMM and PSA tools are mission-critical for any managed services provider. Even if you have these tools, you might not be using them to their full potential. The scripting capabilities available in most of these tools will allow you to automate virtually any repetitive task you complete for clients. 

    9. You spend all day putting out fires. 

    There's a popular expression: "Spend your time working on the business, not in the business." When you spend your time playing the daily trouble-shooter, you'll never have time to work on improving your business. 

    It's no secret: MSPs who have mastered automation enjoy improved profitability, more efficiency and greater scalability.  

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