4 Sales And Marketing Processes that Will Delight Your Clients & Prospects


    01 Mar 4 Sales And Marketing Processes that Will Delight Your Clients & Prospects

    Posted at 13:46h in Business Process Management by Anne Shenton

    Betting on a "rainmaker" is a short-term strategy. Sure, a sales rockstar will bring in tons of customers in the short-term, but what if a better opportunity comes along for him?  The best sales and marketing teams operate with proven processes. Here are 4 sales and marketing processes you can use to delight your customers and train your sales staff for success. 

    Opportunity Tracker

    An opportunity tracker process helps you keep tabs on  your active sales opportunities. It also ensures that sales staff follow a pre-determined followup schedule. You can test your followups to determine which intervals and contact methods get the best results, then implement them company-wide for your sales team. 

    With ProcessPlan, you can also use our Opportunity Tracker template to track notes for each opportunity. If an opportunity is lost, the rep must leave an explanation as to why the deal was lost, and those notes are sent to a supervisor for review. This will help the supervisor identify areas in which reps need to be coached.

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    New Client On-Boarding

    When you're onboarding a new client, there is no room for mistakes. If things fall through the cracks, you'll leave a bad first impression, and it can take months to smooth things over. However, if you roll out the red carpet and offer white-glove service from the start, your clients will sing your praises and generate word-of-mouth business for you. 

    A good on-boarding process accounts for things like the following (among other things):

    • Kick-off meeting with client
    • Financial setup (entering company into accounting system, billing, credit checks, etc.)
    • Sending a welcome gift
    • Notifying employees
    • 90-day followup survey


    Quote Review

    In the professional services world especially, nailing your quotes is crucial. If you don't accurately spell out the scope of work involved, who's responsible for what, and which items are not included, then you might be setting yourself up for some uncomfortable conversations down the road. A quote review process ensures that you have accounted for all of these things, and that another person reviews the quote before you send to the prospect for review. It's always good to get a second set of eyes on a quote before you send it to the prospect. 

    Client Complaint Handling

    Even with the best people and intentions in place, sometimes things just go wrong. A client complaint handling process helps to resolve your client's woes as quickly as possible. It walks you through the right language to use when communicating with the client, and how to best resolve the issue at hand. Furthermore, it will notify supervisors if they need to intervene. 

    Documenting and Tracking Your Sales & Marketing Processes

    We have documented all of the processes in this article and setup templates for them within ProcessPlan. In your ProcessPlan account, you can access these templates for free and edit them to fit the needs of your organization.

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